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Australian Financial Services Licensee
Financial Services Guide

Our guide to assisting you with your financial needs

Our Responsibility

Your Adviser provides financial advice and services on behalf of Rubiconem Pty Ltd and accordingly we are responsible for the financial advice and services they provide.

Our Advisers are committed to providing quality financial advice and a wide choice of products and/or services to suit individual client circumstances.

Your Adviser is obliged by law to act in your best interests and provide appropriate advice, when providing financial advice to you.

As part of our commitment to you, Rubiconem Pty Ltd advisers adhere first and foremost to the Code of Ethics of FASEA (Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority), and also the FPA Code of Professional Practice of the FPA (Financial Planning Association of Australia), our professional body.

Who we Are and What we Stand For

Rubiconem Pty Ltd, is a client centric Australian Financial Services Licensee. Our name is derived from the historical reference to when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river.

From this event, the phrase “Crossing the Rubicon” was created as a metaphor meaning to pass a point of no return.

In similar vein we have taken this opportunity of self-determination in the Financial Services Industry to serve clients in their utmost best interest via a selflicensed advice model.

Rubiconem Pty Ltd is owned by the principal advisers of Palladium Wealth Partners Pty Ltd, Simon Allanson, Dino Mancini and Daniel D’Amato (and their related entities).


Prior to providing any personalised financial advice products and/or services our Advisers are required to provide you with a copy of this FSG along with our Practice Profile and Adviser Profile.

The Practice Profile and Adviser Profile contain important information about our practice and your Adviser.

This includes their Authorised Representative number and/or Corporate Authorised Representative number (if applicable), accreditations, qualifications and experience, areas of advice and types of financial services they can provide, details of how they get paid and fees that you may be charged.

What we can Provide

Rubiconem Pty Ltd is licensed to provide financial product advice on the following services:

  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Life insurance advice
  • Superannuation strategies
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Cash flow management
  • Retirement planning
  • Aged care strategies
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Tax (financial) advice

We can advise in the following products:

  • Basic deposit products
  • Debentures, stocks, and bonds
  • Life insurance (personal and business)
  • Managed investments
  • Investor Directed Portfolio Services (IDPS)
  • Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA)
  • Securities
  • Standard margin lending
  • Superannuation
  • Self-managed superannuation

Rubiconem Pty Ltd maintains an Approved Product List (APL). Subject to attaining required accreditation, your Adviser can recommend any product on the Rubiconem Pty Ltd APL.

There may be instances where your Adviser will need to consider products outside of the APL. In these cases, your adviser may apply to Rubiconem Pty Ltd.’s Research Team to obtain a one-off product approval.

Your Privacy

Your Adviser is required to maintain physical or electronic records of documentation for any financial advice given to you, including information that personally identifies you and/or contains information about you.

These records are required to be retained for at least seven (7) years. If you want to access your personal information at any time, please let us know. You have the right to not to provide personal information to your Adviser. However, in this case, your Adviser will warn you about the possible consequences and how this may impact on the quality of the advice provided.

Additionally, your Adviser may also decline to provide advice if they feel they have insufficient information to proceed.

Rubiconem Pty Ltd respects your privacy and is committed to protecting and maintaining the security of the personal and financial information you provide us. For detailed information on how we handle your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

You may obtain a copy of the Rubiconem Pty Ltd Privacy Policy by phoning us on (08) 8272 2298, or via download here.

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